Joana Bliss Phones for Male Service

Joana Bliss Phones for Male Service

For Joana Bliss, it takes the right connection.

"I can't just have sex right away. It can't be just sex. There has to be more of a connection," Joana said in one of her SCORELAND interviews.

Joana's never felt that connection...never felt comfortable about fucking on-camera, until now.

Joana phones an exotic dancer agency and orders a male stripper to come to her apartment and strip for her. Deni Adonis arrives, and when Joana sees him, her eyes light up with excitement. Women usually go wild at male stripper clubs, and many in the audience get hands-on. Joana may be an audience of one but she doesn't lack for audience participation. She helps Deni out of his clothes so she can get handsy on him.

Joana and Deni kiss passionately. She drops the top of her dress and shows him her incredible breasts. Deni is on them in a flash, licking and sucking her nipples. Joana gleefully pulls down his briefs to feel his cock, rubbing and squeezing it. She takes his dick in her mouth and…
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: March 22nd, 2023
Photos: 130

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