Joana Bliss: The Busty Pet Wants a Creampie

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Joana Bliss: The Busty Pet Wants a Creampie

Some guys keep their ladies on a string. Adonis keeps the lovely Joana Bliss on a leash. She's not likely to stray too far from his side with a collar around her pretty neck.

Adonis commands Joana to take her world-famous tits out of her top and bra so her can have the pleasure of sucking her nipples and she can have the pleasure of having them sucked.

He orders Joana to tease him with her tongue and jack his dick, then give him a blow job and suck his balls. He returns the pleasure by licking her juicy pussy and making it wet for fucking.

Removing the collar, Adonis first fucks Joana's breasts and then fucks her pussy. After jerking his dick some more, Joana gets ass up, face down so she can be fucked from behind.

Getting on top of Adonis, Joana rides him, sticking a nipple in his mouth. It pleases her to see him sucking it. She rides him harder and makes him pop his load inside her pussy. She gets off him so she can put his cock in her pretty mouth and lick up some of the cum. Read More »
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: September 20th, 2023
Duration: 30:56

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2 months ago 

So damn amazing!

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