Blissful Bathing With Joana Bliss

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Blissful Bathing With Joana Bliss

In our world, every bathroom would come with a girl like Joana Bliss. Not possible, of course, but we do have Joana cumming in a bathroom in this scene.

Joana has cum in a bathroom several times before. She's very skilled with a hand-held shower head. We once mentioned that Joana turns the bathroom into her personal spa in her videos. Cleopatra bathed in milk. Our Romanian Cleopatra is ecologically-aware and would consider that a waste of food.

Miss Bliss says that if she could take a holiday anywhere in the world, it would be Bora Bora. It looks like her kind of exotic location. She said she laughs the hardest when she hears a stupid joke.

Being honest is the best way to stand out with her. She enjoys getting compliments, but they have to be sincere. Read More »
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: August 23rd, 2023
Duration: 19:30

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