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Joana Gets Her Bliss On

Joana gets her Bliss on with daily Yoga, meditation and a New Age lifestyle, and today, Joana shares some tit tips about keeping flexible. After taking off her low-cut dress, black bra and panties she fondles her succulent breasts.

Showing her form on the mat she's brought with her, Joana kicks off her high heels and gets into several Yoga positions as she describes what she's doing. Joana's closing position, slowly and gently fingering her pussy and rubbing her big tits, is not a Yoga move but it could be a kind of Tantric masturbation.

"Men call me names like goddess," said Miss Bliss. "Only one man said my boobs are too big. Everyone has different tastes but it is not necessary to say things like that to someone. I prefer to be with people that say good things."

We've been calling Joana a goddess for years. Read More »
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Duration: 18:43

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