Joana Bliss: The Busty Pet Wants a Creampie

Joana Bliss: The Busty Pet Wants a Creampie

Our gorgeous friend and fantasy icon Joana Bliss is the love slave of Adonis, and to keep her within reach, he puts her on a leash. She makes a beautiful pet.

Adonis orders Joana to remove her top and bra so he can suck on her nipples and fondle her breasts. She's happy to obey. They get into bed, hot to sex each other up. Joana teases Adonis and pulls on his cock. He orders her to suck his dick, and he gives back as good as he gets by licking her pussy.

The collar and leash are getting in the way so he removes it so they can enjoy some tit-fucking. Adonis then slides his cock into Joana's beautiful pussy and fucks her, first on top of her and then from behind.

Joana gets on top of Adonis and grinds. Her face reveals the pleasure she feels. She loves the sensation and fucks him harder, making him cum inside her. Eager for a taste, Joana licks some of the cum off his dick.

Joana was always private about her love and sex life. Now things have changed and she has opened a new…
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: September 13th, 2023
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2 months ago 

What a dream to get to cum inside this gorgeous woman!

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