Joana Bliss: Hot Pink

Joana Bliss: Hot Pink

"I feel sexy all of the time," says Joana Bliss. "I have been called a goddess, and that is nice to hear. I like romance and a man with the right attitude towards me, someone who spoils me all the time.

"I like to have sex every day if possible and I love to 69. What satisfies me best of all is spiritual love and the emotional connection. I can't just have sex right away. It can't be just sex. There has to be more of a connection."

Joana doesn't think of modeling as work. "It is always better to do something with pleasure and forget that it is a job. This happens to me when I pose."

Besides Yoga and meditation, Joana loves to swim and play lawn tennis.

"I always wear a bra because my breasts are quite heavy."
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: August 30th, 2023
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