Joana Bliss: The Erotic Pleasures of a Mystery Woman

Joana Bliss: The Erotic Pleasures of a Mystery Woman

When big-boob royal Joana Bliss did her oily massage scene on a terrace, it was a first. Joana had never been photographed with a guy before. Seeing male hands massage her gorgeous body and much loved breasts was a special event. Joana was considering doing her first hardcore scene at that time. It didn't happen, but she didn't rule it out either.

In this second hardcore scene, a masked Joana Bliss and Deni have just returned from a masquerade party. Joana looks like she stepped out of a fantasy movie. She walks into the bedroom where Deni's been eagerly waiting. They're hot for each other and ready to light each other's fire. The party's over. Their party begins.

"It was more my wish," Joana said when we asked if she had gotten many requests over the years from her fans to have sex with a man on-camera.

"I was excited and enthusiastic. I think that the reaction of the fans will be a positive one."
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: June 7th, 2023
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3 months ago 
What a lucky m-f-er! What I wouldn't do to make love to this goddess!

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