Joana Spreads the Bliss

Joana Spreads the Bliss

The secret to Joana Bliss's vitality is no secret. It's a lifestyle that combines a vegetarian diet, Hatha Yoga, Tantric Yoga and meditation. An appreciation of nature and spiritual connections with the people in her life bring her serenity. She's about as close to a nature girl as you can find.

"I like to dance, but I have to be careful about what kind of dancing I do because my big breasts bounce all over the place!" said Joana.

Our British photo team first met Joana in 2004 in Romania. She was recommended by her model friend Crisa. Then the next location was the Costa del Sol in Spain for a group shoot. Later on, Prague was the setting followed by The Dominican Republic. It was back to Romania in 2020 and then a return to Prague where this scene was filmed.

A while back, Voluptuous and SCORE editor Dave wrote, "Joana is a down-to-earth girl. Getting her to talk about sex is not easy, and despite her obvious sexuality when she poses, I don't think we'll ever see…
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: March 8th, 2023
Photos: 100

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