coming soon: Joana Bliss: 21st Century Flower Child

Joana Bliss: 21st Century Flower Child

Joana Bliss is a diligent practitioner of Yoga and Tantra. The internal energy and vitality she creates in her body from those disciplines, her belief in eating only healthy, natural food and her meditation have been the cornerstones of her lifestyle. Mushrooms are her meat, Joana explained.

Joana's voluptuous figure as well as her healthy glow is the result of her daily interests and the path she's chosen. People look at her and know that she's special. As for nudity and masturbation, her on-camera activities are healthy expressions of sexuality for her. Joana has the rare, natural talent for making the viewers watching her videos feel as though she is communicating directly with them.

"When I was 16 in school, I felt something good happen with me. A very good friend of mine taught me about yoga, and I started to practice. I love having big breasts. They don't get in the way when I'm practicing Yoga. I didn't like my breasts at first, but I love them now. I do a lot of spiritual…
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