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Queen of Bucharest

"I've been a fan of Joana since November 2004 Voluptuous and still am," wrote J.L. "Let me say this about Joana, she's very sexy, very gorgeous," says V.L. Douglas writes: "Joana fits my ideal image of the perfect woman. If I could only find her American twin in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! I only wish that she could immigrate to the United States. Then we'd see a lot more of her. You guys can't go to Romania all the time. I've often dreamt of going there and spending my vacation touring her country with her. Nice dream. Then I wake up back in Cedar Rapids! Well, dreams can be fun."

These were the types of letters that the editors of V-mag often received after publishing a Joana layout. The Romanian beauty provoked the same kind of horny reaction in tit-men that the late '80s and early '90s classic British models such as Lisa Phillips and Stacy Owen created. One look and you're hooked. Then you never want to stop seeing more.
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