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The Undressing Room

Joana has changed very little in the more than 12 years she has spent modeling. She's actually gotten shapelier and more toned since 2004 when she debuted. An active lifestyle and daily yoga sessions keep her body beautiful and sexy.

The free-spirited type, almond-eyed brunette stunner Joana thinks nudity, erotica and sexuality are healthy, good things. She doesn't understand the repressive attitudes that people and politicians have. If Joana lived in the 1960s, she would have been a hippie with flowers in her hair.

In Romania, where Joana is that country's best-kept secret, they call her bust "generous." That's the understatement of the decade. Joana can't keep her hands off her tits. It's only natural. You could spend all day and all night sucking and rubbing her nipples.
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