Boobs of Bliss

"The bigger the breasts, the more love you have to give."

That's the generous philosophy of the great Joana, a woman who has caused sudden swelling and stiff joints in those who fall under her spell.

Joana is here to try on bras, see what fits her big tits and take a nice bath, keeping her hand-held shower head close by. Why the water didn't turn to steam is a question we can't answer.

Joana keeps busy and fit with yoga, meditation and various holistic practices. She also enjoys dancing.

"I like to dance, but I have to be careful about what kind of dancing I do because my big breasts bounce all over the place!" she said. "I like disco and going to clubs to dance."

We'd like to see Joana dance! It's got to be head-spinning to see those hooters swing.
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: October 25th, 2023
Photos: 60

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